Terry Harper

“Whenever you’re in a fight with someone and work hard with people to resolve whatever that conflict is, you do form a bond. There was that core group of people that had fought the road and fought the dilapidation, they formed that bond. And that excitement spread… I think moving into a neighborhood like this does change you. It gives you a grounding that we don’t have in so many other ways. People don’t stay in their jobs anymore. If you get mad at people in your church, you change your church. If you get mad at people in your school, you change your school… We’ve been in this house for 22 years, and we don’t plan to ever move.” – Terry Harper

Terry Harper first moved into a rental apartment on Jones Street in Oakwood in 1979. She and her husband Dan bought the first revolving fund house on Linden Avenue. They have lived at 525 East Jones Street since 1988.

To play an excerpt from Terry’s interview, press the play button below. Harper_compressed

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