Phil & Phyllis Crane

“Every time something happened, dad would add a section onto the house, so when my grandfather passed away, she (my grandmother) wanted to move in with mother and dad… so he made the back a little apartment for his mother to live in… My aunt and uncle,my mother’s sister and her husband, they lived in Richmond, Virginia. When he had a heart attack and they wanted to come to this area, they asked mother whether they could move into the house, and daddy said, ‘Sure.’ He remodeled the house again so that two families could live here.” – Phil Crane

“This was a picture of Phil’s daddy. We think it was about 1925. And it was in front of the house and you see the cobblestone street. With Betsy Ross’ help and some research, we were able to put the house back to the way it was in 1925. When we re-modeled, we found some of his old toys underneath the back porch.”- Phyllis Crane

Phil Cranes’ family has lived in Oakwood for six generation, since the 1800s, when his grandfather built their home at 605 Polk Street. Phil and Phillis Crane live at 605 Polk Street. Their daughter and son-in-law and five grandchildren live at 529 Euclid Street.

To hear their interview, press play: Cranes

Here are some of their family photos.


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