Mike James

“I lived in a small town and some of the anchor businesses in my town were pharmacies. You saw how they were helping people. I was out of pharmacy school and I was practicing and that was back in the days when you had the mandatory draft. I was a navigator in B-52 bombers. I think the military teaches you a lot of things. You don’t quit. You have to deal with problems. You have to figure out how to solve problems, both in your military life and your personal life.”

“A gentleman by the name of John Treadmill had owned this pharmacy and he had owned it since 1943. He and I started talking and I bought the pharmacy in 1976. This pharmacy looks like it did when I bought it. We don’t change things because of the comfort. For example, that soda fountain is now the only soda fountain in Raleigh.”

“There used to be a show called ‘Everybody knows your name.’ And that’s how it is here. We have three generations, sometimes four generations of patients. There’s something going on here all the time, people coming and going. No, I’m not going to retire.”

Mike James and his wife have run Person Street Pharmacy at 702 North Person Street since 1976. To hear his interview, press “play” below.

Mike James

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