Jo Anne Sanford

“So there was this group of five little girls who from birth on became fast friends. None of us knew anything about raising children so we kind of huddled together… We first had the babysitting coop, then they went to the same daycare, then we organized a summer co-op, then we had an after school co-op, and then they all went to Camp Cheerio for a summer or two… They called themselves ‘The Oakwood Five.’ It was kind of like having an extended family for us…

“…I was in the yard with Missy Beaman and a truck came up and this cow was in the back of the truck. I knew that Billy had represented some people who owned what used to be called the Milk ‘N More Store. I have to admit my mood was a little snarky. I was thinking ‘we do not need fiber glass cows. You need to collect money from your clients. We do not need turnips or cows…’  Missy said, ‘Where’s that cow going?’ I said, ‘I thinks it’s coming here.’ She said, ‘Where’d it come from?’ I said, ‘I think it’s the one from the Milk ‘N More Store.’ She said, ‘Oh, I didn’t recognize her without her sunglasses…’

“Supposedly there’s a filing at the bankruptcy Court because Billy took that as part of a fee… Billy wrote a letter that said, ‘My client and I said we would not settle until the cows came home…” – Jo Anne Sanford

Joanne Sanford moved onto Oakwood Avenue in 1977. She and her husband, Billy Brewer, have lived in three houses in Oakwood and currently reside at 721 North Bloodworth Street.

To listen to her story, Jo Anne Sanford

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