Jim and Dixie Crew


Jim: The Murphy School was a fairly typical school, I think. It went from first grade to seventh grade. I don’t remember. [It had] probably three or four-hundred students at the most there. I had great teachers and enjoyed all of them and know all of the names of them now. There was an interesting thing that happened when I was in the third grade. I was in Mrs. Thomas’s 3rd grade class, and she put on a play in the theatre that’s now been renovated at Murphy School. I played a part in a little skit that was my first chance to get on stage. I had a singing line. It was [from] Cinderella and I had to sing this line, “dear Cinderella, will you marry me?” and Cinderella sang back, “yes, my Prince Charming, and happy I will be.”

Peter: This all foretells the music careers of your two sons…

Jim: That was the beginning and the end of my stage career. 

Jim: [Oakwood] feels like the neighborhood was when I lived on Wilmington St. in the 1940’s. It is just a friendly safe sort of place, where everyone knows everyone. 

Jim Crew first moved into 413 Wilmington Street (at Polk Street) in 1942. He later returned to Oakwood with his wife, Dixie, and their two teenage sons, when they bought and restored 325 Polk Street to a single family home. Their two sons, Chris and Jim, both settled in Oakwood after getting married, and have raised their children in Oakwood.

To listen to an excerpt from the interview, press play below. Crews

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