Gary and Doris Jurkiewicz

Gary and Doris JurkiewiczDoris: When we were walking around the neighborhood for the first time, people were saying hello, and we were looking at each other like” what is going on here.” (Laughs) We never experienced anything like that before,

Gary: We are from Detroit. You don’t talk to people. (Laughs)

Doris: Gary was checking where his wallet was. (Laughs)

Gary: We were expecting something else was going to happen. There was a lot of warmth and friendliness within the neighborhood.

Gary and Doris Jurkiewicz purchased the Oakwood Inn in 2001. Both Gary and Doris have served on the SPHO and Oakwood Garden Club. The Oakwood Inn, along with the Tucker House, is on the Oakwood Candlelight Tour every year and often on the Oakwood Garden Tour as well. Gary and Doris put the Oakwood Inn up for sale in July 2013 in order to spend more time with their grandchildren.

To hear an excerpt from Liisa’s conversation with Gary and Doris, select the audio player below. Gary and Doris Jurkiewicz

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