This project has been generously supported by the Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood.

The success of this project is directly proportional to the number of people who have contributed time–from transcription to digitizing old photographs, from conducting interviews to being interviewed, from recording interviews to editing them, from taking photographs to delivering CDs.

Many thanks to the following people: Peter Rumsey, Susan Bray, Matt Krieg, Donna Herring, Phil and Phyllis Crane, Bob and Norma Tomb, Betsy Buford, Sonja McKay, Liz Lindsey, Jerry Blow, Leigh Blow, Kristine Dittmer, Cindy Callahan, Arlene Saunders, Joy Weeber, Addie Lee Rideout, P.T. Rideout, Terry Harper, Lisa Finaldi, Peggy Beasley-Rogers, Eric Ennis, Ronnie Ellis, Betsy Ross, Mamie Bridgers, Ruby Bullock, Lisa Barrie, Randy Hester, Richard Black, Ellen Nightengale, Mary Lu Wooten, Matthew Brown, Garland Scott Tucker, Jr., Sarah Knott, Jackie Twisdale, Peter Daniels, Barbara Wishy, Larry Wheeler, Billy Brewer, Dick Cicone, Agnes Stevens, Barry and Nancy Poe, Sue Tuck Briggs, Gary and Doris Jurkiewicz, Chris Yetter and Steve Zamperelli, Ian Shields and Pat McQuaid, Jim and Dixie Crew, Ruth Little, Taylor McMillan, Bernadette Turner, Jean Spivey, Mike James, John Dancy-Jones, Tiffany Mazenek, Bruce Miller, Sabra Taylor, Sarah David, Bill Hutchins, Kiernan McGorty, Greg Edgerton, Hugh and Sara Stohler, Jo Ann Sanford, and the 32 Exploris Middle School students who have participated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Liisa Ogburn & Peter Rumsey