Bruce Miller

Bruce MillerI wanted something different. Different type of experience. Not just a track house somewhere.

Liisa: How would you advise a generation or two from now how to manage Oakwood’s funds?

Bruce: Don’t lose site of why this society exists. The ultimate purpose, the reason the society was formed, is to maintain the character of the neighborhood. When you make the major decisions, make sure they have that in mind. The assistance that the society provided for the house up on Jones Street after the fire is an example of that. It was very contentious and a lot of good open discussion on it. I think that was the guiding star ultimately through that because the neighborhood would’ve been dramatically changed had that house not been restored.

You ask why I’ve stayed. Well, that’s why. Because of the character of the neighborhood. Had that been lost somewhere along a line, I suspect it would’ve occurred to me much more rigorously to leave. 

Bruce Miller and his wife Kathy first moved into Oakwood in 1978. They raised two children at 406 East Lane Street. In the early years, Kathy volunteered with a number of Oakwood efforts, including the Garden Club and keeping the library. Bruce has served as the Oakwood Treasurer for over a decade and is also known as the Oakwood Cemetery Historian. He writes a column each month for the Oakwood Newsletter on well-known individuals buried there.

To hear some excerpts from an interview with Lisa, press play below.

Bruce Miller

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