Bob & Norma Tomb

“The old house across the street, 414 North Bloodworth, was always the center of life. We ate a formal lunch there–or we called it dinner then–every day. As a child, I was required to put on a fresh shirt, wash my hands, and sit at the table and don’t speak unless you’re spoken to. During the war, we stayed with my mother’s parents there, and my grandfather, J.M. Stronach, was a warden, and during those blackout periods, I recall, the curtains went over the windows. He would walk the streets around the neighborhood to make sure the other houses had their windows covered.” – Bob Tomb

Robert (Bob) and Norma Tomb currently live at 415 North Bloodworth Street, Unit 1003. Bob came to live in Oakwood in 1943, when he was three years old. His mother brought Bob and his brother to live with her parents, the Stronachs, at 414 North Bloodworth Street, when their father went off to war. His great great grandparents bought the house in 1885.


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