Addie Lee Rideout

“I was born December 4, 1911… I bought that house—404 Oakwood—in 1934. It cost I think about 35 hundred.”

[Betsy Buford: “It was a simpler time then that your son was born in a neighborhood hospital and he went to a neighborhood school.”]

“Yes, it was special to live in a nice neighborhood and have a good job.”

[Betsy Buford: “Now Addie Lee, you were active in so many things, but one of the things I know that you were very active in for forty-five years was the Oakwood Garden Club and you helped get it started.”]

“Yes. I loved the club. I helped get it started and I did all the typing and helped get it distributed. Everyone had a contribution and we looked forward to it each month.” – Addie Lee Rideout

Addie, her husband, P.T. Rideout, and their son, P.T., Junior, lived at 404 Oakwood Street from 1934 until 1994.

To listen to an excerpt of Betsy’s interview with Addie Lee Rideout and her son, P.T., Junior, press “play.” Addie Lee Rideout

To download a full transcript of the interview, click here. Addie Lee Rideout Transcript


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